Samstag, 21. Juni 2008

dolls, dolls, dolls

May I introduce to you:
Picky Juliette. Her dress
is made out of an old
umbrella which I used to
love before it gave it´s
live in a mighty storm...

And here is
sleepy Emilia - my
aunt said that Emilia looks

One of my newest and most favourite
things to do is to sew ragedy- dolls. Well,
I call them Maegedy- dolls because
my style of the dolls is not
exactly ragedy doll- style
A great inspiration is a most
talented woman called Mina.
She is full of ideas and in
her house I could ooh
and ahh all the time!
Thank God for her!!

1 Kommentar:

Mina´s This´n´That hat gesagt…

... these are really two beauties ... !!!
... kaum zu glauben, was man aus regenschrimen alles machen kann :-) ...