Dienstag, 8. Juli 2008

Treasures and Mama Melon

This basket I found - like
always- at a garage sale.
Filled with fresh lavender
from my garden and primitive
creations from myself.

....jam and star with vintage girls
for my sons teacher as a little
Thank you at the end of the


...ooops - little spelling
mistake :)
To our children we can
give two things:
One is roots,
the other is wings .
How true, but not always
that easy!
One of my most favourite artists
was and still is my husbands
Grandma Gilmore. Her
paintings always expressed
her spirit to me. Loving
and meak, mild and
still burning for Jesus.
Sometimes I ask Jesus to
say "hello" to her in heaven.
Another nice memory is Grandma Gilmore´s Church Hymnal. Even though all these songs are
pretty old they express better than any new song what faith and believing in Christ means.

The key to the heart.....
Out of Mina´s collection I got some ooold keys hanging close to this selfmade heart.
Mina was also the one who gave me stickers in the shape of a keyhole.....pretty smart.

Who- by the way- is Mina?
Mina is a good friend and also believer in Christ, whoI believe put all this great creative potential into this wonderful gal. More about her you can see at http://Minasthisnthat.blogspot.com

One of my sons and Mama Melon ( made again by Mina) cuddle. Especially I like the hands and feet on Mama Melon - precise work!

.....tag on her says: I have a dream....

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