Montag, 4. April 2011

dies und das

One of Cailys aunts gave her a porcelain tea set. She loves it. But what she actually drinks is orange juice and she has a bite of Opa´s faboulos Speck.Cinnamon Rolls- forever yummy- best when they are still hot! Can´t resist them!
I´ve been looking for a long time for a Vintage purse to take with me when Caily and I go the playground. I found this bag and ironed a Vintage picture on it. Voila- there it was. Inexpensive and handy.
My daughter loves animals. I also ironed this pic on a new T-shirt. It´s so easy and you can create your own style.
I´m growing chilis and pepers. It´s always exciting to watch them getting taller and taller. Even more exciting when they are ready to be picked and eaten. Hot- hot- hot!!
Finally time for herbs and flowers again. Never can get enough of them. They are a heavenly gift!

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