Mittwoch, 14. Juli 2010

Finally- something new

For the Kindergarten- teachers of my daughter I made some bags to say " Thank you" for the last 2 years.I invited her friends and we had a great time taking pictures in my yard. Another Mom filled them with yummy things and gave them to the teachers while Caily and I spent some days in the hospital. Now she is done with Kindergarten and will start school in fall.

I asked my neighbor to lend me her dog Gina and she did really good. Got a "Gooey" from me. So did the kids.


"House 21" hat gesagt…

Säär geäärte missus miller,
vielen dank für ihren kommentar in meinem blog ;-.)
würde mich sehr über einen besuch im house 21 freuen ;-.)
woormest riigaards
missus house twänti wonn
Ps: hi esther ;-.)
moi dieses postig ist ja sooooo entzückend !!!!
die bilder und auch deine handgemachten kreationen: soooo liab !!!!!!!!

"House 21" hat gesagt…

reservierung erlädigt ;-.)
hugs mina