Freitag, 2. Oktober 2009

October- best month of the year!

When I make Lemon Curd
then I also have a mouse trap
next to it, so no sweet thiefs
get a chance to try from it.
A good cup of Coffee
and a piece of "White
mountain" can make my

Mina, I stole your picture!
You better get a mouse trap! always working on little

just a box- with old
sometimes one bottle of
beer isn´t enough -
as long as it´s only
root- beer...

Yesterday I took some of my veggies from my garden down. I grew lots of beans and they turned out as long as never before.

The big hailstorm killed almost all of my Chily plants...those three survived..

1 Kommentar:

Mina´s This´n´That hat gesagt…

maii, superschöne bilder !!!
hahaha, du kleine diebin !!!
aber du weisst ja, die bilder darf und soll man "pflücken" ...!!
tolle kreationen sind da wieder zu sehen !!!
hugs mina